Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stable Overclock At 3 GHz

I have been able to achieve a stable overclock of 3 GHz so far (2.53 Ghz stock), but with voltage adjustments and air flow modification inside the case.  Temps on all 4 cores/8 threads usually spike to a 58 degree Celsius average high, but quickly drop and hover at an average of 43 degrees Celsius.  I have been unsuccessful in the past with anything beyond a BCLK of 145, as I did not disable Turbo mode for the RAM.  Once I did, as well as turn off Turbo mode for the processor and disabled C states (except C1), temps and stability greatly improved.  

I attached an additional Silenx 80mm fan to the CPU cooler for a better push-pull configuration, and installed two 120mm fans on the inside front of the G5 case to pull warm air out, and this decreased the temps ~4-5 degrees Celsius further.  I also had to increase the voltage to the RAM up to 1.600 V but brought the multiplier down to 8x.  Starcraft 2 and Simcity 4 barely increase the temps, and with heavy prolonged use of photo editing software, the increase is only ~ 6-8 degrees Celsius.  I have not experienced a single kernel panic or crash since.

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