Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pushed To 3.52 GHz

I decided to push the envelope a little further even though I mentioned in my previous entry that I might not go beyond 3.21 GHz my system.  I noticed that at 3.21 GHz, everything seemed very stable, and the temps hovered at around 38-49 degrees Celsius.  When I pushed it to 3.3 GHz, I was still getting the same idle and loaded temps, so I thought why not push to a 1 GHz gain (stock is 2.53 GHz on my Xeon X3440).  After benchmarking, I received the above score of 10504.  I posted my score together with another but more costly and supposed to be faster (spec-wise system) - an i7-950 with 12 gigs of RAM - for comparison.   I left my 8 gigs of 1333 RAM at the 8x multiplier, and got it up to 1480 after OC.  There was another system posted on the benchmarking website - one with an i7 2600K - that score 10310.  I am still getting the same temps at 3.52 GHz (both idle and loaded) as I was with 3.21 GHz.  Not bad for a processor that costs about $70-100 less than the other two i7 processors I have mentioned above.

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