Sunday, July 3, 2011

3.21 GHz Reached

After much testing and benchmarking, I have reached my overclocking goal for this system.  I am going no further (unless the OC bug bites me again although not likely with this system anymore as I need it stable) as this is much more than I have originally planned.  Prime95 torture for 12 hours yielded average temps of ~65 degrees Celsius for all 4 cores/8 threads with no errors or KPs.  With Cinebench, this system scored higher than the sample i7-960 (also with 4 cores/8 threads), so for about $100 less in cost of a Core i7, I have achieved the same if not better performance than the more expensive processor.  This affirms my decision at the start of this project to get a Xeon instead of a Core i5 of the same price.  True that you can overclock the hell out of the Core i5 as well, but you get 4 threads instead of 8, plus of course the stability and quality of Xeons.

At this point, I am waiting for HD 2000/3000 QE/CI functionality to be achieved in iBoot and Multibeast, as this is the final ingredient in my next project.  Once again, I would like to show my gratitude to the Hackintosh community, iBoot and Multibeast god Tonymacx86 and his legion of geniuses, and Apple for deciding to use Intel processors and for creating such wonderful software.

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