Sunday, May 1, 2011

Final Touches to the Project

Finally, I have completed my project.  I finally received my two aluminum displays, a 20" and a 23" (this one is sporting the 23").  Looking at it, it looks just like any Mac Pro/Powermac system, which was my primary objective when I first started with this Hackintosh.  I switched out my Apple bluetooth keyboard with this wired one as I need the numpad.  I'm still going to use the bluetooth one for my next project, which is to convert my wife's desktop, an HP a6814y which I'm putting inside another G5 case.  The HP system already uses the 20" aluminum display.  The only thing is, I'm probably gonna stick with Windows 7 on the HP desktop.

Here is a shot of the home-made Airport card before I installed it:

This is the back view, where you can see the home-made Airport card antenna sticking out.

Here is a shot of the home-made bluetooth dongle I assembled before I put it in.  I used a 3.3-to-5 volt converter and attached it to a USB connected which goes into the internal USB header.

And here is another screenshot with Wi-fi, Bluetooth and everything else working as it should.

Now that I'm done.. 

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